Clarins Spa – My Thoughts


This was my first facial at the Clarins Spa which also doubles as a showroom in Mirdiff City Center, Dubai. The room was cozy, and it had a nice scent which made the ambiance very pleasant and calm. There is a pre-treatment consultation with the esthetician where she would do a skin analysis and tell what are problems in the skin and which facial would be best suitable for the skin conditions. The facial starts with a relaxation massage which was very relaxing and calming. Then it continues with a deep cleansing and exfoliations. The extraction part was quietly uncomfortable. The quite surprising part was while getting face steam I got my hands massaged and also oils were applied on the hands and feet. A minute is not gone idle even when the mask is applied on the face, a body massage is been done. The esthetician also shares what is she doing next and what results the product gives. The most amazing experience it was. After the treatment, my skin was very hydrated and glowing. I would definitely be revisiting again. The products used in the facial are all of Clarins range. After the facial is done, the esthetician also shows the products used during the facial in case, we are interested in buying them.

There are no machines used in Clarins Spa and also no needles for extraction. They do a good old-fashioned way of massaging which would do wonders to the skin when done by an expert.

Clarins product range is of pure plant-based technology.

There are huge selections of other facials and body treatment. There is also a pampering treatment for mothers-to-be.

The Facials price is AED 465 for 60min (without Extraction)
AED 540 for 75min (with Extraction)



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